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Presidents Message

TO: The First Cleveland Cavalry Associates

     It is an honor to be your President because, I respect our Association and want to preserve its great traditions ...However, I can't do it alone, I need your help, and if you are willing to assist me and the Directors, together we all can preservie our Association's heritage and move forward into the 21 century.

     How  can you help you ask?  Through your attendance at our general business meeting and your attendance at our annual steak roast/clambake and holiday party. Also, By your interest and input into the Association's future, as well as encouraging past members of the 107th Cavalry to become Associates.. That's not asking alot from you but, its impact will greatly help The First Cleveland Cavalry to secure it's longevity.

     Through illness and death we are loosing most of our WWII Veterans and, our Korean War Vets are not far behind so, we need to increase our membership by encouraging more of the younger veterans of the 107th Cavalry to join our organization. Let's make an effort to help pass along the traditions and honors of our organization to future generations.. Get Involved! 

     I look forward to being your President and hope to guide this great organization with honor through the challenges of the next year. 


Daniel F. Gyure  President